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When we started Lendinero, we knew that we wanted to build a company that would be dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs. From starting our own businesses in the past, we knew that obtaining capital for our business was a challenge.  Of all industries out there, business funding to existing businesses was one of very few that had yet to be modernized. And even today, we find it odd that there are still lenders out there that take 2 to 4 months to provide a credit decision.

From then on, we’ve had our hearts set on building a company that would stand for helping fellow entrepreneurs. We didn’t just want to build a company that helped businesses obtain business financing…. We wanted to completely change the way that business owners obtain a business loan and to provide as many options as possible.   We knew that there was only one way to do this.  Creating a process that is fast and simple by offering a low friction process to obtain a credit decision.   In addition, we believe that with so many options out there we would eliminate the search process for businesses thereby reducing valuable time to search for financing.   While you may not have the time to search for the best option because your busy running your business we have the time to find you the best funding solution or find funding partners that are willing to take on higher risk levels.  Last but not least, we understand return on investment.  The only way that a loan is feasible is if you can achieve return on investment.  We evaluate the cost of capital versus ROI.   By taking these measures we have created processes that will add great value to businesses across the nation.

Today, Lendinero supports thousands of thriving businesses across the United States, and we’re on a mission to support them as they grow by providing  short term alternative funding to small and medium sized existing businesses that cannot obtain traditional financing.

– Gil Zapata, Founder / CEO


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Life at Lendinero

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Disclosure: The Miami Office address is a virtual office which we use for Miami clients or anyone who decides to visit Miami.  You can schedule an appointment with an agent if an agent is available at our Miami office location.  At the same time, there are receptionists at the Miami office which can receive any of your documents and they will be sent to the appropriate email address to process your loan.  The only documents which we can receive from a client are their loan application and business bank statements and the receptionist will fax your documents via email/ PDF to to process your loan documents.  You can also drop off closing documentations at the Miami or New York office locations.   The only fax number that Lendinero uses is 305-675-0149. Our New York office location functions in the same manner.  Lendinero operates an offshore center proprietary to Lendinero.  A BPO is a Business Process Outsourcing service that many companies use today.  Apple, Target, Capital One, and many internet and banks use Outsourcing companies to service the needs of their clients to include customer service, sales, process documents and more.  Lendinero operates the same way.  If you send information to or 305-675-0149 we will process your paperwork.  If anyone gives you a different email address or fax number they may be misrepresenting Lendinero, misleading you and we will not be held liable for the information which you send to another fax or email number other than the ones contained in this disclosure.  We have independent agents in different parts of the United States and if an agent is available who represents us and has an active agreement with us as an Independent Agent you can provide them information as long as they have an active agreement with us.  Also, you can check with us the status of an agent to assure that they are active with us.  At Lendinero we take measures to protect consumer information.  Other important information: The loan documentation or the future receivables agreement is the final agreement as to what the term, rate, advance, payments or cost of capital will be. Please verify the information on the funding agreements before you execute an agreement.  You have the right to provide any funding agreements to an attorney to review prior to funding.  We will not be held liable for any quotes or pre-approvals provided prior to issuing a funding agreement provided by Lendinero or any of our funding partners.  Please read any agreements prior to executing.  Also, even if you sign an agreement and you agree with the terms; beyond submitting the agreement we or our funding partners may conduct due diligence and underwrite your loan request and it can be denied at that time. Please ready all of our disclosures for specific details on privacy policy, our role, and other policies prior to conducting business with us.  We take great pride in doing what is right and our reputation.  If you don’t do business with us we live by the saying “First Who Than What”?  Find you in details what our competitors provide to you.  At Lendinero we disclose everything to you and many agents, lenders, and other financial companies won’t.  Before you do business with any company conduct a diligent search.
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