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Earn up to $2,000 by Referring Your Friends

Earn up to $2,000 by Referring Your Friends

July 7th 2018 Miami, Florida

You don’t have to be a business loan specialist to make money with Lendinero.  You have the chance to earn up to $2,000 or more by referring entrepreneurs and small business owners to Lendinero.

For those that don’t know, Lendinero is one of the most popular online platforms to help small business owners obtain financing fast.  Lendinero provides from $5,000 and upward of $200,000 to small business owners.  Small business owners can apply online, PDF fillable or via a user portal.   Lendinero provides a fast and simple process for small business owners to access capital. The Lendinero  referral program is available for anyone who refers a business owner to Lendinero. If this sounds like you, let’s go ahead & learn how you can earn up to $100 to $2000 per month or more by inviting others to use Lendinero.

An “eligible referral” means a small business owner that you refer to Lendinero who meets our minimum qualification:

  • 6 months operating a registered business; we prefer 1 year in business.
  • Must generate minimum $5,000 in monthly revenues, we prefer revenues greater than $20,000 per month.
  • Must have a business that is registered
  • Must have at least the last 4 months of business bank statements
  • Must need or want capital for their business

When you refer the name of a small business owner you will earn $2.00 and if the deal funds you will
earn 1% of the loan amount when the loan amount we provide is greater than $20,000. If it’s less than $20,000 you will receive $150.00. 

You don’t have to get involved in the process.We do all the ugly work. Obtain the loan application, documents, provide offers and close the transaction. You just sit back and relax.   

Let’s assume you refer 20 small business owners per month and 4 obtain loans; you would make:

  • $80 which is $2 per referral
  • Let’s assume each loan amount was for $30,000. 4 Loans x $30,000 = $120,000 x 1% = $1200
  • A total of $1280 that month

Commission are paid out monthly on the 1st Friday of every month for each referral whether they fund or don’t fund.  Let’s assume you submit 20 referrals in July and none of them fund, you get paid on the first Friday of the following month: $80.00.  If the referral you submitted received funding, we pay those commissions (the 1%), Friday of each week. The only stipulation is that the deal needs to fund by Wednesday of each week, which is out cut off date weekly to receive your commissions ACH on Friday.

You can submit your referrals in numerous ways:

Option 1: The Best Option 
Visit: www.lendinero.com/referral-submissions

Option 2:
Provide one of our in house agents, the referral you are providing. You will be assigned to an in-house agent to who will work on your referrals.

Option 3:
Email the referral information to: partnerships@lendinero.com

This is an example of how much you can earn:

  • $20,000 loan x 1% = $200 your earnings
  • $50,000 loan x 1% = $500 your earnings
  • $100,000 loan x 1% = $1000 your earnings
  • $200,000 loan x 1% = $2000 your earnings
  • $300,000 loan x 1% = $3000 your earnings

For people who refer more than 30 referrals per month we will provide you with your own landing page.  These are some examples:

Our programmers will build a landing page which will include your information and a special tracking code. All your leads can be registered on your own landing page.  In addition, we can integrate the loan application and an upload feature, so your referrals can upload their bank statements.  You will have access to full monitoring and see all the referrals that are generated and the results.  For those of you who like technology, you can track traffic, conversion rates and more.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today for FREE at: www.lendinero.com/referralprogram
You can also download your commission agreement right here and email to: partnerships@lendinero.com or fax it to: 305-675-0149
Referral Only Agreement 18

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