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Financing Can Be Creative

Financing Can Be Creative

images (1)With so many experienced, capable people getting cut loose by corporate employers, there has never been a larger pool of potential entrepreneurs. But with the implosion of so many banks and the continuing credit crunch, there has also never been a tougher time to find financing for a startup. So those looking to launch a small business have to be creative when looking for funding.

Fortunately, some places are still looking to help fund a business. There may be less of it, but the money is still out there. Here are a few nontraditional mattresses for you to look under.  Google some of these and you will find alternative financing options:

  • Crowfunding
  • Revenue Based Financed Lenders
  • MCA loans
  • Peer to Peer Lenders
  • SBA loans

All of these financing methods are new to the marketplace.


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