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Lendinero launches a Lead Generation Program

Lendinero launches a Lead Generation Program

Lendinero is seeking referral partners and independent sales agents.  While many lenders and independent sales organizations seek referral partners, Lendinero has launched several programs to distinct itself from the crowd.  Lendinero launches a Lead Generation Program.

“We offer two programs to help agents become more successful”, states Gil Zapata, Founder and CEO of Lendinero.  Gil explains how the programs work:

The first programs is that one an agent funds $30,000 or more or on each transaction thereafter we provide 100 leads.  If an agent funds one deal for $30,000 and then funds another deal for $35,000, they will receive 100 leads.  These leads are generated from a proprietary system that we subscribe to and from our call center.  The leads include detail information about the business and the information contained is 95% accurate.  We have been using this system for the last 3 years for our outbound agents and has generated positive results for us.

The second program is that agents can hire their own sales assistant, outbound agent, or appointment setter. Since we own our own call center overseas we know how to recruit, interview, train, and develop talent overseas. Currently, we have 20 outbound agents working Lendinero overseas plus digital marketers.  We will provide recruiting services for our US agents.  We ask that the US agent selects the person they want to hire during a skype or google hangout interview.  We will provide 1000 free leads per month.  Also, we will provide a metric system which we use in-house to assure that results are met.  Last, we will provide training materials so that the ISO or Referral Partner can work with their outbound agent.  We encourage a commitment from the part of the ISO or Referral Partner.  The cost for the agent is $5.00 per hour and the agent needs to work 30 hours per week minimum.  Lendinero will handle all payroll issues for the ISO and or Referral Partner.  The cost is relatively inexpensive considering the upside potential.  The cost per month is $600.  Let’s assume that one deal funds for $30,000 and the ISO or Referral Partner makes only 4% on said transaction, which is $1,200.  The ISO or Referral Partner invested $600 and they made $1200, that’s a 100% return on investment.  There is no bank, certificate of deposit, money market or real estate product that can offer you 100% return on investment in one month. We believe that these are realistic results.  We provide the infrastructure, and the know-how, but the ISO or Referral Partner must be involved. It’s not a passive investment, it’s an active investment.  We have been doing this for the last four years and we fund in excess of $8 Million per year working with an offshore team.  We know what we are doing.  It requires a commitment and to follow our system.  We have a system in place that works for us.

To learn more about Lendinero’s lead generation program write to: partnerships@lendinero.com

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