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Lendinero Launches a New Online Platform for Business Owners

Lendinero Launches a New Online Platform for Business Owners

Lendinero launches a new technology platform that connects businesses to capital.  Lendinro has created a user portal that allows business owners to upload their documents, obtain updates statuses on their loan application, and obtain monthly updates to help them improve the overall financial health of their business.

Through the API, borrowers can now incorporate Lendinero’s loan origination process, bringing increased efficiency to the small business lending process without adding additional steps to the workflow or user experience.

Also, the user portal allows borrowers to access all of their documentation into google documents. The user portal has the capabilities of integrating and sharing documents with google drive.  The first function is allowing users to have a secure place to upload documents, view documents, and obtain notes from Lendinero. 

The second function allows borrowers to submit their bank statements on a monthly basis so that Lendinero can monitor them month to month.  “The issue we see is that small business owners take out a loan and months pass by and there is no monitoring.   With this system we review our clients bank statements month to month prior to refinancing or renewal time in order to guide the business in the right direction.  By monitoring bank statements and the cash flow of the business month to month we can make suggestions prior to refinancing or renewing the existing loan, so that the borrower can obtain better rates and terms in the future”, states Gil Zapata, Founder and CEO of  Lendinero.

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