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Partner with us by joining our growing network of referral partners.  Enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship with Lendinero.

Lendinero also offers partnerships to government agencies that focus on small businesses, associations, B2B service providers and chambers of commerce’s.

Our goal is to help out small businesses and medium size operations in achieving their financial goals. We can only do this by spreading the word. Partner with us today.


Merchant Referral Program 

Lendinero is currently seeking referral partners.  If you offer services and products to business owners you can add additional income by offering business loans.  Why partner with us? Lendinero offers you more than just a high compensation plan and loan programs.  We offer you the opportunity to grow.

  • We offer training to you and your agents to increase your deal flow

To apply and inquire more information write to:


Affiliate Program for Website Owners

Lendinero has an affiliate program, which allows Internet publishers, Bloggers, Webmasters, and Digital Marketers to earn by sending qualified traffic to Lendinero. The program offers payouts for the amount of leads you generate.  We provide you with an online proprietary application to track your traffic, on-line access and more.

Any questions write to:


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