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Unconventional Guide How to Manage Small Restaurant Business

Unconventional Guide How to Manage Small Restaurant Business

By: Possector.com
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Every restaurant owner knows that success of restaurant business is depending on many factors. First of all, the availability of financial resources, knowledge gained from continuous learning and experience, good organization, positive business climate and a passion for this kind of business.

How To Manage Small Restaurant Business

It is always difficult to start any business, and this is especially truthful for a catering business. The specificity of hospitality is in providing happiness to other people.

Restaurant Staff Management

Every restaurant need to have at least one employee, however, in practice the majority of small and medium-sized restaurants employed 10 to 15 employees typically arranged in two working shifts. This would mean that in one shift usually work 5 to 7 people.

Identification of Tasks in Restaurant

I made a list of taska that need to be done in a restaurant during the workday:

  • Opening of the restaurant, preparing tables, final cleaning before the opening of the restaurant
  • Procurement of the necessary food and other ingredients
  • Getting drinks from suppliers
  • Preparing meals
  • Dish washing
  • Serving and presenting food and drinks
  • Serving customers
  • Cleaning tables
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Toilets cleaning
  • Bartending
  • Invoicing
  • Charging
  • Maintain the supplies and inventory for the bar and kitchen
  • Making daily report
  • Cleaning the restaurant at the end of the work shift
  • Disposal and transportation of garbage
  • Closing the restaurant


Restaurant Staff and Their Duties

Work in a restaurant may be divided into two general groups, the one that is performing in the kitchen and beyond. Together they form a harmonious system which functions as one body and makes your restaurant special and successful.


Chefs have a leading role in the whole story, because regardless of ambiance and quality of service, your guest will not visit your restaurant again if the food was not good. But in spite of this fact, the chef should never act as a conductor in the kitchen, he or she must demonstrate their professionalism in preparing meals but also the ability to work in a team.

Managing Waiters and Bartenders

How many waiter do you really need in a small restaurant? The answer to this question will depend on the number as arrangement of tables and types of services in your restaurant. But in any case it is better to have them more than less.


This is usually a job that gets new staff when entering in the restaurant. Many respected chefs had just begun his career as a dishwasher. Although this is not a popular job, dishwashers should not be neglected when it comes to business organization. They provide that in your restaurant dishes are perfectly clean, and the cleanliness and hygiene is an important prerequisite for restaurant’s good reputation.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers are often the owners of the restaurant. I do not know whether you’ll be recognized but they except distinctive organizational skills must have and develop following characteristics:

  • Being cultural with good manners
  • Must respect every team member and treat each of them with equal respect
  • Restaurant manager should not be a career who take credits from the results of team
  • He or she need to make decisions that are best for the business and staff
  • Restaurant manager must reward their workers for outstanding achievements


Golden Tips for Successful Restaurant Management

1. Passion

2. Competition Encourages Creativity

3. Consistency and Dedication

4. Observe Business From Your Guest’s Point of View

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By:  Aida Behmen

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