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What would Grant Cardone Say About Training?

What would Grant Cardone Say About Training?

Lendinero just launched a three series training program for referral partners, remote agents and Independent Sales Organizations.  Whether you are new or an experienced agent in the industry of alternative business lending, you need to train on a consistent basis.  Training is very important in the world of FINTECH.  Products are changing consistently, almost weekly.  Aside from product knowledge, you need to understand processes and how to become more efficient in working with the loan process.  Last, sales strategies and lead generation are an integral part of your business.  If you don’t have a marketing and sales strategy it will be very difficult to succeed.

According to Grant Cardone one needs to become a “Knowledge Junkie”.  In addition, Grant cardone indicates that many sales people are in a fiction mode as oppose to truth mode.

This message was taken out from the Grant Cardone blog, where he states the differences between fiction and truth.  “Experienced salespeople don’t need training. Answer—FICTION: Experienced salespeople need training and are the people who can benefit the most from it. Think about it, even LeBron James has a coach. It’s not that he needs to be taught to dribble, but a coach can show him a distinct perspective on things—someone who sees things from outside of the court while LeBron has only the view from on the court. LeBron trains daily—it’s called practice. To get to the top of the sales profession, and to stay there, is a continual process and will not happen without a program of ongoing coaching, self-evaluation, and self-improvement.”

Grant Cardone is not the only sales trainer who believes that training is an important part of any sales career oriented individual.  As a result, Lendinero took the initiative to launch a three series program for its referral partners that consists of product knowledge, sales training, and processes.   To learn more about Lendinero’s training program write to us at: partnerships@lendinero.com

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