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6 Marketing Tactics That Build Lifelong Loyalty

6 Marketing Tactics That Build Lifelong Loyalty

By: Entrepreneur
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1. Personalize your message. 

As noted, attempts to blanket a list of prospects with a “one-size-fits-all” marketing message is doomed to fail. Even more specific targeted marketing isn’t necessarily the answer. Customers respond best to timely, personalized content, in the form of email messages, product recommendations, blog posts and so on.

2. Create buyer personas to achieve personalization. 

Some business owners get caught up in a “gut feel” for their target audience, believing their in-depth knowledge of what they sell provides all the insights they need into what their customers want.

Increasingly, consumers are willing to share an appropriate amount of personal information, as long as they receive targeted offers and related content in return. Suggested questions to ask:

  • What do you like most about our product or service?
  • What’s least appealing?
  • How do you most enjoy using our product?


3. Bundle targeted recommendations and ease of purchase. 

“Consumers want convenience, comfort and a sense of belonging,” notes marketing expert Kevin Lindsay. “That’s the real payoff for them.” Using the knowledge you’ve gained, aim to delight customers with content of value and personalized product recommendations — providing that sense of comfort and belonging.

However, don’t stop there, Lindsay adds. Do all you can in terms of “capturing shipping, billing and payment information so they can zip through checkout when they do convert.” The goal is achieving a process akin to Amazon’s one-click buying process.

4. Cultivate an integrated “customer experience strategy.” 

Don’t forget that today’s consumer operates across a broad spectrum of platforms and channels. To stay competitive, your marketing strategy must recognize and adapt to this capability.

5. Use chat tools to get people talking. 

Apps and in-app chat tools are increasingly popular resources that businesses employ to strengthen engagement with customers.

Ty Magnin, blog contributor at Appcues, points to a Forrester Research study highlighting online customers’ preference to getting their questions answered by a live person “during moments of choice — like making a purchase.” People are drawn to mobile and web options like chat messaging apps, not only for their convenience, but “because they’re matching the same level of quality as person-to-person phone calls.” 

6. Make sure everyone in your business is on the same “customer engagement” page. 

You can’t guarantee high-quality service unless all of your employees have the same commitment to customer engagement that you do. Contributor Sally Lee at Yahoo’s Aabaco Small Business points out an obvious example of “employee evangelism” that we all experience upon entering an Apple store.

There’s the unmistakable Apple look and feel, but more importantly, employees there exude “an attitude and energy that embody the brand” and they “immediately engage you and provide you with the optimal experience.”

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By: Claire Holland


Twitter: @Entrepreneur

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