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Loan Amounts

$10,000 – $500,000



Repayment Terms 3 – 24 months


Payment Types

Daily, Weekly, Monthly ACH


Fast Money

Same Day Credit Decisions – We Can Fund as Fast as 2 Business Days


Need More Money?

Access to On-Going Capital – 50% Paid Down We Can Refinance


Business Credit

Start building credit today! We Report on the UCC Only – Not Your Personal Credit Report.


Our Fast Programs

What type of Business loans are you looking for?

Above all, running a business can be challenging.  All things considered, businesses need cash to grow and for emergencies. For this reason we have numerous loan programs to help your business sustain its growth or to expand.  In short, the goal is to find you the best loan program based on your needs.   Core programs include revenue based financing, business lines of credit, and merchant cash advances.  Last, we can evaluate other options to include: factoring, asset based lending, and or equipment financing.  Even if we can’t do a loan we know other business finance companies that may be able to assist you.

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business loans

Lendinero Revolving Line of Credit

  • Business Lines of Credit Available for Businesses That Have Been Operational for Over 2 Years
  • 620 Credit score and great credit history 
  • Monthly revenues in excess of $20K preferred
  • Most provide business utility bill, voided check and ID 

business loans

Lendinero Cash Advance

  • We Can Work With  Credit Scores as Low as 550
  • Amounts are 80% – 100% of your credit card sales per month

business loans

Lendinero Short Term Loan

  • 550 credit score
  • 10,000 in gross revenues per month
  • Cash flow profile not so strong
  • Ideal to establish credit and receive better financing options in the future

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