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Help Underserved Latinos Businesses Get Business Loans

Help Underserved Latinos Businesses Get Business Loans

Standford University revealed that less than 6% of Latino Owned Businesses qualify for a commercial loan at a traditional bank.  Latino owned businesses are growing at a rate of 15 times faster than the national rate.  More and more Latino Businesses are turning to alternative financing solutions.

Lendinero helps underserved Latino Businesses get business loans.  Now, Lendinero is seeking to expand its market share by hiring and contracting new sales agents, referral partners and ISOs.

Lendinero is seeking bilingual agents who can work with Latino business owners.  The one thing that sets us apart from many other marketplace lenders or loan facilitators, is that we have all of our materials in English and Spanish, states Gil Zapata, Founder and CEO of Lendinero.

Lendinero offers to its clients all the information in both languages.  In addition, it has a bilingual staff that understand the culture, speaks the language and serves as bridge between Latino main street businesses and wall street.  Many Latino business owners have turned to Lendinero as the number one choice to obtain alternative financing.  Lendinero, has expanded their product line to include business lines of credit.  A financial solution which is resolving the needs of many Latino owned businesses.

If you are bi-lingual Lendinero is seeking people like you to work with Latino owned businesses in your community and across the nation.  To learn more about this opportunity write to: partnerships@lendinero.com

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