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Make additional income with Lendinero

Select your partnership or Start a Business With Us !!

Undoubtedly, everyone is seeking additional income opportunities.  Regardless of where you are at, there is always room to explore new income options. At the present time Lendinero is seeking agents, referral partners, affiliate marketers and B2B partners. Today, you can start a business with Lendinero as an independent agent and create a business loan agency. Are you an affiliate marketer?  Please visit our AFFILIATE MARKETING PAGE

Partner with us by joining our growing network of referral partners.  Enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship with Lendinero. In fact, we have agents and partnerships with people just like you in different parts of the nation.  Furthermore, we have agents that make a fair living. Not to mention, that results can vary depending on your involvement. Last but not least, we have a launched a platform just for independent agents, referral partners and affiliates.  Visit: LENDINERODASH.COM

Agent, Referral Partner & Affiliate Marketing Opportunities


Choose Your Partnership

Referral Partners & ISOs

You’re a broker, sales organization, professional services firm, who wants to supplement existing services or products by offering business lending products to your customer base of small business owners. Lendinero offers flexible integration, sales and marketing solutions that allow our referral partners to leverage our platform to help their customers grow. Visit our Agent Dash Board at: Lendinerodash

Start a Business

Without a doubt, starting a business from scratch is difficult.  For this reason, Lendinero has the tools you need to start your loan agency business without having to invest a large amount of money.  In addition, you can start off as an independent agent and convert into a business loan agency.  Finally, you can start your business without having to worry about start up costs.  Inquire today.

Part-Time or Full-Time Agents

By and large we prefer full-time agents because you will reap the benefits.  Because we are a Fintech company, we perform over 70% of our work via the internet.  Undoubtedly, you can start off as a part-time agent and supplement your income. Furthermore, you can work remotely in any state. As a remote agent, you can work from the comfort of your own home. To get started, register at: LENDINERODASH.COM

Are you an Affiliate Marketer?

Bloggers, Social Media Specialist, Influencers, Content Writers, Digital Lead Generation Specialist
Without a doubt, Click Per Action (CPA) is the most popular model among publishers because it offers a win-win relationship for advertisers and publishers.  For this reason, Lendinero offers you a CPA and Performance Based Marketing (PBM). 


The former find this model the most attractive one because, with a catastrophic level of fraud that devastates CPC and CPM models, CPA provides a safer ground to work with. The latter have less headache as well, knowing that they can safely deliver something advertisers want.


How-CPA Lendinero-Affiliate Program-Works
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