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Lendinero & KGFA Capital Ventures LLC creates a strategic alliance with Restored Digital Solutions Inc.

Lendinero & KGFA Capital Ventures LLC creates a strategic alliance with Restored Digital Solutions Inc.

KGFA Capital and Lendinero has created a strategic alliance and will provide funding solutions and funding support services to Restored Digital Solutions Clients.

 (Miami, FL)  September 27, 2013 – Lendinero (www.lendinero.com) owned by KGFA Capital Venturess LLC,  a leading provider of small business financing solutions, announced today an alliance with Restored Digital Solutions Inc.  KGFA Capital Ventures L.L.C. created Lendinero.  Today, Lendinero has over 10 funding agreements and can access over 1 Billion to fund small businesses who meet certain underwriting models.

As part of KGFA Capital’s and Lendinero’s distribution campaign to create alliances with equipment manufacturers, the company successfully aligned itself with Restored Digital Solutions Inc.

KGFA Capital enables equipment manufacturers in numerous industries to expand their services to its captive clientele or offer additional funding channels when leasing is not an option.   These partnerships are structured in a very sophisticated manner to enable the equipment manufactures to expand their branding and create its own Finance company or division.  Restored Digital Solutions Inc.(RDS), began as a company that just sold copiers over 10 years ago.  Today, with this alliance, RDS will now form a new division that will just focus in providing short-term capital and alternative financing solutions to its existing clientele.  RDS will launch RDS Financing on November of 2013.  KGFA Capital and Lendinero provide its funding experts, its funding channels, proprietary technology, sales support, funding strategies, and all the know how to enable RDS Financing to make these options available to its clients.  This alliance will allow RDS to expand its services to its clients, generate new streams of income, and strengthen client relationships.  KGFA Capital and Lendinero provide white labeling.  The companies can expand their services, divisions, and branding with their own company name.

“Our primary focus is to help equipment manufacturers in selected industries expand their services, provide an additional funding channel, and increase revenues and sales.  Today, many companies cannot qualify or may not qualify for traditional leasing options to purchase medical equipment, restaurant equipment or office equipment.   Even if they do qualify manufactures that have a captive clientele of 1,000 to 2,000 clients can increase their revenues without having to do too much.  If an existing manufacturer has 1,000 clients, at least 50% of them have looked for financing at their banks, on-line or the SBA. A 30% conversion can mean an increase of 30% in revenues from funding fees to an equipment manufacturing company.  We have the expertise and provide the funding support to offer alternative business funding to equipment financing companies that sell medical equipment, restaurant equipment, and or office equipment.   It’s a win-win relationship for everyone,” declared Gil Zapata, founder and managing director at Lendinero.

KGFA Capital and Lendinero plans to further roll out these partnerships over the next 6 to 12 months.  Currently, they have created over 3 partnerships of this nature.  Today, members of KGFA Capital form part of the RDS Financing Team.  “We are very excited  in working together with RDS Financing,” states Diego Durand who was in charge of contacting numerous manufacturing companies.  Today, Diego Durand will be in charge of over looking all of the needs of RDS Financing along with Gil Zapata and Justo Romero.

About Restored Digital Solutions Inc.:

Restored Digital Solutions has over 30 years in the industry of providing, a range of copiers, printers, fax machines, and IT services to businesses.  RDS company’s mission to provide you “green” (environmentally-friendly), cost-effective Digital Printing Solutions, to help drive down costs and improve efficiency for businesses. They combine the highest quality digital printing equipment, with superior service and professional advice.Today, RDS has become a one stop solutions for its clients and has expanded its services in numerous areas to include CRM solutions, IT Services, On-Line Marketing, and Financing.  With over 400 captive clients and growing RDS is now a business solution provider in various areas.

About Lendinero and KGFA Capital:

KGFA Capital is a company that specializes in creating partnerships and joint ventures KGFA’s objective is to create partnership distributions that are proprietary to its partners, provide financing domain expertise, and access to alternative capital. KGFA Capital owns  Lendinero, a web based funding solution provider to small businesses.  We offer our partners a  low friction process and give business owners quick access to capital to manage immediate cash flow needs.

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