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Why is working remotely becoming more popular for Americans?

Why is working remotely becoming more popular for Americans?

Why working remotely is becoming more popular?

As companies look for ways to reduce operational costs, more Americans are working remotely.  Another factor that has changed the way Americans are working is technology.  Many companies are conducting business online which does not require physical preference.  When was the last time a sales agent from Amazon, Expedia, or GoDaddy, visited you?  Never.  That is the point.  With advanced technology many companies can change the way they are doing business.  This creates a new work force, called remote workers. As a result, every single day companies are turning to remote workers.  This is why working remotely is increasing popularity. In reality, there are a handful of web portals where people are making money every day.  What are some of the best remote online portals to make extra cash:
For example, Lendinero provides small business loans to American entrepreneurs with remote staff.  Today, over 95% of their business is being conducted online and with remote workers.  In fact, Lendinero utilizes over 30 software programs some are proprietary and other are third party programs that allow sales agents, processors and financial advisors to work from home or almost anywhere in the world.  Lendinero is actively seeking people to fill sales roles, digital marketing and web programming roles in the U.S. and offshore.
Recent studies and surveys demonstrate how working remotely is becoming popular for Americans. A Gallup survey indicated that 43% of Americans spend time working remotely. The popular job site, Indeed.com reveals that over 300% of job seekers are searching for work from home jobs. Some of the post popular cities in that same research indicate that Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta were among the top cities in the list.  Atlanta is ranking at the top.
As technology improves by the minute, the remote work force will increase in America. 

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