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The 3 Biggest Benefits in Working Remotely

The 3 Biggest Benefits in Working Remotely

Working remotely is not only benefiting employers, but it is also benefiting workers and independent contractors.  The number of people working remotely is increasing every day in America.  Today, smart phones, Wi-Fi spots, and technology make it easier than ever to work from home, from different cities, or even across the globe. What are the 3 biggest benefits in working remotely?
No need to punch in and punch out.  If you are mature enough to manage you own time, you have flexibility in working remotely.  Flexibility allows you to spend time with your children, have a meal, go to the gym, and study.
Freedom is part of flexibility.  Most people who work remotely have expressed that what they like most about working from home is freedom.  The freedom to get up at whatever time you like, the freedom to have breakfast at whatever time you want, the freedom to look after your children, the freedom to take a break.  Working remotely offers you a lot of freedom, but if you abuse it you are not ready to work remotely.  When you work remotely you need to manage a schedule and an agenda despite the freedom you have.
When you work remotely you avoid having to commute.  This translate into a huge savings in both time and auto related costs.  Since you will not drive your car as much, you will have to spend less in repair costs and gasoline.  Also, you avoid having to sit in long traffic jams which could translate to 20 hours per week.  Most people who drive from and to work spend anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week in commute time.  Imagine, if you had an extra 10 to 20 hours per week.  What could you do with an extra 10 to 20 hours?  Maybe, you can take a course, go back to school, spend more time with your children, do hobbies, or do other things you have not been able to do because of lack of time.
Lendinero offers small business loans to business owners across the United States online.  Lendinero is seeking remote sales agents to work from home.  The conveniences of working for Lendinero have been mentioned in this article; flexibility, freedom, and commuting.  That alone is a great benefit.  However, Lendinero offers you online training, online support, real time support and other tools so you can work from home.  To learn more about working remotely for Lendinero write to: partnerships@lendinero.com  

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