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About us

Team Work !!!

Lendinero – Existing Business Funding Company

When we started Lendinero, we knew that we wanted to build a company that would be dedicated to helping business owners. Our end goal was to help LOBs and entrepreneurs obtain business funding because we know the hurtles you face. The founders are entrepreneurs just like you. As a business owner you know how challenging it can be to obtain business funding and we understand funding needs.  Of all industries out there, business funding to existing businesses was one of very few that had yet to be modernized.

At Lendinero we set our hearts set on building a company to help entrepreneurs.  Banks are not always the solution. The end goal is to completely change the way that business owners obtain a business funding.   There is only one way to do this.  Creating a process that is fast and simple by offering a low friction process to obtain a credit decision.   In addition, we believe that with so many options out there we would eliminate the search process for businesses thereby reducing valuable time to search for financing.   While you may not have the time to search for the best option because your busy running your business we have the time to find you the best funding solution or find funding partners that are willing to take on higher risk levels.

Lendinero supports thousands of thriving businesses across the United States.  When banking is not a solution, you can turn to Lendinero.  At the same time, we can supplement your existing banking loans.

More important, is that we run a company with people just like you.  We have agents in Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, New York, other states and we operate with business processing outsourcing companies to provide you the best service possible.  Also, we have a bilingual staff to cater the needs of Hispanic and minority owned businesses.  

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