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Finally, a lending platform that can help you compare business loans for your small business today.  In reality, with so many options out there we take away the guess work.  In summary, we conduct a FREE financial evaluation to determine your eligibility options.  With this in mind, what are you waiting for? Apply Now.

Lendinero ExpressLendinero Business LineBank or SBA Loans
Target CustomerBusiness owners with: fair cash flow, 550 credit score and above, 6 months in business and $7,000 of monthly deposits. Minimum requirements.Business owners who: demonstrate strong cash flow, strong credit history. We prefer a 625 credit score and above, 1 year in business and 100K of annual deposits.Business owners with: strong personal credit (680 score and above), excellent strategic and financial planning reporting/systems, limited time-sensitive funding needs. Preferred $100K monthly revenues.
Credit Decisions48 to 72 hours24 to 48 hours24 to 48 hours. 1 to 2 Months to Process.
Average Term6 to 18 months6 to 12 months10 Year Repayment
Documents Required4 months to 6 months of bank statements4 months of bank statements, a business utility bill, voided check, and copy of IDMulti-page loan application. 3 Years of Corporate Taxes, 3 Years of Personal Tax Returns and & Year to Date Profit to Loss and Balance Sheet. Minimal losses.
Repayment StructureDaily ACH or Weekly fixed payment (automated)Weekly or Monthly ACH paymentMonthly and manual
Credit ReportingUniform commercial code (UCC) business credit builder. This will not report on your personal credit reportBusiness credit reporting onlyPersonal credit and business credit
Average Rate1% – 4% per month (average: 1.5% – 2.5%)8% to 25% estimate9% to 14%
Closing Rates$0 application fees and “usually” $0 closing costs. Our small business loans don’t have up-front costs$0 application fees; Anywhere from 1% to 2.5% of the line of credit at closing deducted from funds1% to 3% of the small business loan amount

Lendinero provides an array of options for your small business financing needs.  Compare business loans for your small business today.

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