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Offer Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing and Leasing Solutions

Offering equipment financing solutions to your customers will help your business:

✔Increase sales.
✔Win more clients
✔Customer Financing Solutions
✔Vendor Financing

Unquestionably, Lendinero will help your business with your customers who seek financing to purchase your  equipment.

✔ Close more deals… faster
✔ Financing and Leasing up to $350,000
✔ Monthly payments
✔ 2 to 5 year repayment terms

✔ Same-day funding for your customers
✔ Free online sales tools
✔ Digital marketing support
✔ Private label program

customer financing solutions

Questions: partnerships@lendinero.com

Beat Your Competitors

As you can see, an easy way for your buyers to obtain financing will help you become more competitive. Financing for your customers is a tool which will give you an edge over your competitors. It’s simple to understand.  Sell an item for $300 per month or $20,000 cash? Without a doubt, it is easier to sell a smaller payment over a large one.

Boost Sales Today

Actively promoting our financing options will help you sell more.  Offer financing to as many clients as possible.  Promote this solution to attract new customers you never had before.  Your one step further to increasing your income. Above all, businesses that offer financing increase sales from 20% to 200% annually.

Get Paid Fast

In fact, we can fund the same day. The worst case scenario would be within 2 business days.  Without a doubt, this means that you will get paid faster.  No need to build up Accounts Receivables. Because you get paid the same day, you will  improve cash flow

What your customers need to qualify?

LENDINERO can provide financing to your customers even if they have less-than-perfect credit.

No lengthily paperwork and fast credit decisions. 

  • Businesses that have been operating for 3 months. We can do start ups.
  • A Registered corporation in any given state
  • Have a business bank account.  Preferably last 3 months of bank statements.
  • Monthly revenues of at least $5,000 if a business
  • Copy of purchase invoice or equipment quote

We will help you sell more. Perfected the use of financing as a sales tool for equipment dealers and vendors.

constomer financing at lendinero

What do you need to get started?

Fill out a simple application.  More important, we need to understand what products you sell, your average sales price and other information.  Immediately, we process your application and we will inform you what is the best program.  Thereafter, we will inform you which of our three programs is best suitable for your business and customers.

Businesses Selling Equipment
or Selling Products to Other Businesses

In brief, our goal is to help you sell more.  If you are business selling equipment to businesses please utilize this application.  Business equipment distributors are welcomed.  This program is ideal for you.  Increase sales, improve cash flow and get paid instantly.  Download the application and send it to: partnerships@lendinero.com. In short, this is what will help you boost sales. 

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