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Partner with Lendinero

Undoubtedly, everyone is seeking ways to increase revenues or generate more income offering business financing.  Regardless of where you are at, there is always room to explore new income options. At the present time Lendinero is seeking independent sales organizations, referral agents, affiliate marketers and B2B partners to offer business financing. Today, you can launch a business or expand your product with Lendinero. We offer numerous partnership opportunities.

Partner with us by joining our growing network of referral partners, ISOs and B2B partnerships.  Enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship with Lendinero. In fact, we have agents and partnerships with people just like you in different parts of the nation.  Furthermore, we have agents across the nation helping us achieve our mission.  Our mission is to help as many business owners obtain the capital they need to fuel their businesses. Last but not least, we are here to help. Your success is our success. Inquire today: partnerships@lendinero.com

Agent, Referral Partner & Marketing Opportunities


    Choose Your Partnership

    Referral Partners & ISOs

    You’re a broker, sales organization, professional services firm, who wants to supplement existing services or products by offering business lending products to your customer base of small business owners. Lendinero offers flexible integration, sales and marketing solutions that allow our referral partners to leverage our platform to help their customers grow.  Contact us today: partnerships@lendinero.com

    Start a Business

    Without a doubt, starting a business from scratch is difficult.  For this reason, Lendinero has the tools you need to start your loan agency business without having to invest a large amount of money.  In addition, you can start off as an independent agent and convert into a business loan agency.  Finally, you can start your business without having to worry about start up costs.  Inquire today.

    B2B Partners

    Undoubtedly, you can expand existing services and or products by offering business financing to your customers. If you have an existing online platform or sell to business owners you can add value to your business or organization. We can work with e-commerce businesses, aligned fintech companies, non-profit agencies, catering to businesses.   To get started, email us: partnerships@lendinero.com

    Proven, secure and scalable technology platform

    Our business loan origination platform allows
    a streamline process.


    • User dashboard panel for your customers and your organization
    • Automatically generated URL to use with online marketing campaigns
    • Loan submission IP tracking and integrated digital signature
    • Internal built CRM to track all submissions and status updates
    • Chat integration with Facebook to connect with customers via social media
    • Capture additional customer data with social media integration to learn more about your customers
    • Lender automation installed to match loan application with participating funders and or investors
    • Increase approval ratios with our integrated automation
    • All information uploaded on dashboard and viewable on dashboard
    • Eliminate email submissions and document uploading
    • More features


    For this reason, Lendinero utilizes the latest technology to help you streamline the process.
    Our business funding technology.

    Lendinero artificial intellegence platform
    Lendinero sass platform

    Ready to see if we’re the right fit for each other?

    To inquire whether your business is eligible to partner with Lendinero, is just a step away.  First, let one of our account executives or recruiter provide you with our business presentation to learn more about us.  Second, fill out a simple online form so we learn about you.  Third, you can download our basic ISO or referral agreement here.  Hence, B2B partnerships, large boutique shops and other types of partnerships may have a tailor made contract and or co-branded technology or private label technology. Last, learn how Lendinero’s fintech platform enables digital business loan originations. Have more questions, contact us: 88-505-5835
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