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How Does Lendinero Help Businesses

Lendinero evaluates your short-term needs.  In order for us to work with you we need to understand your pain, your goals, your needs and your vision. We are entrepreneurs just like you.  We want to grow too.  We understand the challenges, the cycles, the rewards.  We are humans just like you.  We understand the importance of family and children.   We want to grow with you.

Virtually, 90% of our clients have grown with us and you can too. Success is a process.  We will guide you every step of the way to help you get a bank loan or an SBA loan in the future.   

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Why Do Business With Us?

Lendinero has worked very hard to build its credibility and trust with clients.   We have done workshops with the Small Business Administration (The SBA), Accion USA, Bank of America Small Business Unit, and government agencies that help small businesses refer us customers.  Our CEO writes for the Miami Herald (El Nuevo Herald), Debanked (A Wall Street Publication) and other major magazines and publications.  Please download our “Credibility Package”.  Lendinero a company you can trust. Also, we disclose everything to you in our website on the privacy policy, security policy, funding and role disclosure and fraud and misrepresentation policy, and the our credibility package below.  We live by this motto “First Who Than What”?  Before you do business with another Lender, finance company, agent, or broker make sure they can compete with our standards.  If you fail to conduct a diligent search on a company and you are not fully disclosed on all policies, roles and functions you should think twice in who you do business with.  We at Lendinero work day and night to build our reputation and fully disclose everything.  This is the Lendinero way of life.

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Our customer’s pains? 

  • The bank denied the loan request, you counted on that money.   
  • Account receivables are taking longer than expected.
  • Season is slow, you need to pay bills, and keep your doors open.  
  • Need personnel fast because you have a new project.
  • You need inventory quick.
  • Lost a major client, you need time to find new clients.
  • Your generating a lot of money; but your net margins are small.
  • Your increasing earnings but your expenses keep going up.
  • Your van just broke, and you need another van to make those deliveries.
  • You expanded too fast and you need cash. .
  • A cooler just broker and you need a new one fast.
  • You have one location, but you dream of becoming the next Franchise.
  • You have had your business for years and you want to work less hours.

Our Solutions?  

  • We analyze your needs.
  • We assess return on investment vs. cost of capital.  
  • We assure that you can increases earnings or resolve a dilemma.
  • We deliver a credit or investment decision.
  • We can start off small, to build business credit.
  • We provide you the cash you need fast.
  • 50% paid down; we may give you more money.
  • 50% paid down; we may improve terms.
  • We build a relationship to be your capital partner.
  • We may provide an early payment discount.
  • We show you how to reduce taxes.
  • We want you to get a bank loan one day.


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