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Press lendinero.  Numerous publications have published articles about Lendinero.  We believe in “First Who Than What?”.  Who is Lendinero? News mediums have believed in us and your small business should too.  We work hard to gain your business and build the credibility that is needed.

Lendinero in the News

Lendinero in the news is important for small business owners because you can place your trust in our company.  In addition, before you take a business loan you need to make sure you work with a company that credible.  Do you think major publications would write about a company that is not credible and trustworthy?  At Lendinero we work very hard to build trust and credibility because we want our customers to feel comfortable.  The fact that Lendinero has been featured in numerous publications demonstrates that we are company that you can trust.  We believe in small  businesses and we want you to believe in us.  Browse around and read some of our press releases.  Magazines and newspapers have featured great stories about our company.  The CEO of our company is a contributing writer to numerous publications.  You will find valuable information at press lendinero. Lendinero has appeared in the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Entrepreneur Magazine and other major publications.  We appear in the industry publication Debanked, a Wall Street publication that provides information about alternative financing.  Lendinero has provided joint workshops with Bank of America, Acccion USA, the SBA and other agencies.  These workshops and seminars have been featured in the news. We believe that it is important to review the press releases of any company. At Lendinero our public relations and marketing team is out there working hard with publishers to report information that benefits small businesses.  We believe that press is an important part of our business at Lendinero.  We appreciate all the news mediums that have helped us build this credibility.
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