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In Spanish: Lendinero discusses the risks and rewards of doing business over the internet

MIAMI, FL (MERCADO DE DINERO) 2014 Entre los ponentes destacó la presencia de María Zamarriego, abogada de Ausbanc en España, Gil Zapata, CEO de Lendinero.com, Heradio Luces, CEO Dualis Consulting, Mariangelli Fernández, representante de la Fiscalía de Miami Dade, Jorge Herrera, Supervisor oficina de Protección al Consumidor Miami y Juan José Nuñez, Fundador & CEO de Vertical3 Media. Read More

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Como un Empresario Nicaraguense Apuesta Por Su Pais

NICARAGUA (FACEBOOK BUSINESS) 2015 La recesión de los EE.UU. afecto el sector bancario y muchas empresas no tienen acceso a capital bancario. Lendinero nació dado a la recesión y ha ayudado a más de 500 empresas Hispanas en los EE.UU. obtener capital. Esto se debe principalmente a los esfuerzos del equipo nicaragüenses talentosos. Hemos sido capaces de ofrecer un servicio de clase mundial estas empresas en los EE.UU. Lendinero provee financiamiento alternativo a empresas en los EE.UU utilizando el internet con oficinas en Miami, Nueva York y en Nicaragua. Read More

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Is Your Investor Just Browsing

UNITED STATES (FUNDING FOCUS MAGAZINE) 2015 How many times did you walk into a store just browsing and without an actual intent to buy? Store reps approaching you and asking if they can help, and you keep browsing. Same happens with investors. Without an explicit interest in making a deal, they would talk to you giving you hope that one day if you answer all questions they will fund your company. Telling whether the investor is buying or is just browsing from the beginning is extremely important and will save you a lot of (a) time, (b) resources, and (c) nerves. Read More

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Social Media Dollars for Small Businesses “Alternative Business Financing”

NATIONAL NEWS (BUSINESS HEADLINES) 2015 Today, many companies operate social networks or “communities” online such as fan pages or twitter pages. This is motivated by the belief that consumers who join the community become more engaged with the company, social media manager, or the founder. The end result which every company is looking for is to obtain and increase their economic activity for the company. – Read More

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Lendinero and the challenges in offering financing to Latino Businesses

NEW YORK (DEBANKED) JUNE 2015 The number of minority-owned businesses jumped nearly 46% from 2002 to 2007, according to the Minority Business Development Agency. The growth rate is three times as much as for U.S. businesses as a whole. These businesses increased 55% in revenues over that five-year period. There are a number of minority groups within this category. Latino businesses are leading the way. Read More

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Lendinero Participates Overseas to Help US Importers

NICARAGUA (APEN MAGAZINE) 2015 Más de 70 empresas internacionales y del sur de la Florida participarán en la feria de negocios de la Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Nicaragua (APEN), que se realizará el jueves y viernes en ese país centroamericano.APEN informó que aproximadamente el 30% de las empresas que estarán en Nicaragua para efectuar negocios con los exportadores centroamericanos son importadoras ubicadas en Miami. Read More

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Lendinero Talks About Client Privacy and Protection

NEW YORK, NY (DEBANKED) OCTOBER 2015 Gill Zapata found himself in the right place at the right time to catch someone red-handed at backdooring, the practice of stealing an alternative-funding deal and cheating the original ISO or broker out of the commission. It seems that Zapata, who’s president and CEO of Miami-based Lendinero, was sitting in a client’s office about three years ago when the phone rang. Read More

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