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What if your passion was your career?

Are you up to the Lendinero Challenge?

We are always looking for people who have a passion for entrepreneurship and small businesses.  A small business is any business that generates between $200,000 to $5 Million in annual sales. Furthermore,  we look for people who enjoy serving others, and who are capable of providing consistently superior customer service.  Indeed, there is good money to be made in the business finance industry. However, making money is not our primary concern. Without a doubt, there are demands that go along with a position here, so we tend to be selective. After all we want good people to join us, stay with us and grow with us.

Are you right for Lendinero? Is Lendinero the right fit for you? Test yourself with the following questions.


Do you have a sales sense?

Our customers are provided with numerous financing solutions.  Also, they are not transactional customers, our customers grow with us.  Because a business, needs capital on an ongoing basis.  We build lifetime customers. Over 50% of our business is from existing customers. You should be comfortable (even passionate and excited!) about helping business owners explore different financing options and converting them into lifetime clients.

Are you good at switching gears?

Our industry is consistently changing.  For instance, today we can offer certain programs and next month new programs are launched.  Additionally, we utilize a lot technology and several platforms. Without a doubt, technology changes every day and we adjust to changes fast.  Also, we are always innovating and changing systems to improve.  Your focus has to switch 100% when we innovate, launch new solutions and adapt to market or tech changes.

Are you good at prospecting, cultivating relationships and having patience?

Certainly, business financing is a timing product.  For example, you may contact a business owner today and they don’t have a need for financing.  But, two months from now an opportunity rises and they need capital immediately.  Also, you must be able to create long-term communication with prospects so when the time comes, you are ready to provide them with the capital they need.  Last but not least, you must be able to utilize different prospecting skills from networking online, to social media, to building relationships online.

Do you enjoy remote working, the internet and technology ?

Covid-19 changed the employment industry as we know it. Undoubtedly, more companies are turning to remote employment as oppose to going to an office.  Despite Covid-19, technology and the internet is changing business models as we know it.  Definitely, consumers are turning to the internet to make their purchases. Companies like amazon.com, uber.com, and airbnb.com have changed consumer habits.  First, we wake up and look at our cellulars as oppose to brushing our teeth.  Technology and the internet are changing not only consumers but the employment industry.  At Lendinero our mission is to become a remote only company.  What’s the purpose of technology? As sad as it may sound, it’s to avoid human contact. How many people visit an amazon.com store? How many people communicate on Facebook.com and never see each other?  Equally, we believe that employment and online lending works the same way.  We have been doing this since 2014. Read article  “15 cool companies, 100% remote and successful”

Do you have B2B contacts?

While this is not a requirement, having b2b sales experience or contacts helps.  In short, if you have sold products, services or financial services to business owners in the past, this will help you get off to a fast start.

Are you activity and metrics oriented?

There is a saying “what gets measured, gets managed”.  For that reason, we love metrics.  We measure every little detail.  Finally, activity is more important than results.  We believe that first you have to exercise and go on a diet plan, before you loose weight.  Similarly, with us first you need to prospect, manage a lot data, analyze data, send emails, use technology, use social media, outreach, network, present, communication, educate before you see income.  Activity comes before results.
If you answered “yes” to these questions, please email us and include contact information, hours of availability per day, days available, previous work experience, and a brief description of why you picked us. contact@lendinero.com.  If you have a resume, send that too. No prior experience is necessary. You just have to have the passion for helping people, wanting to learn and eager to grow.
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