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Biggest mistakes owners make when applying for PPP and EIDL and how to avoid them

Avoid biggest mistakes on PPP and EIDL application !

This e-book is intended to answer several important questions about the SBA, specifically about PPP and EIDL. Also, this e-book focuses on the biggest mistakes’ applicants make when applying for PPP and EIDL and how to avoid them. 

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Many of you that have applied for PPP or EIDL are active in community forums on social media or other platforms. Without a doubt, this e-book addresses many of your concerns.  Also, there are many myths about these programs.  For this reason, we have included a section called myths and reality. 

Moreover, before you pay any fees to anyone, due your homework if you select an advisor and or an agent. Also, learn about the SBA has guidelines on what can and cannot be charged. Certainly, many people have expressed concerns regarding this topic.  This e-book discusses fees allowable under the SBA. Last but not least, we have included 10 tips to help you with your application to either program.

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