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Lendinero Referral Program

The Lendinero Referral Program & Customer Benefits $100 to $1,000 or more !!!

Best for existing clients.  You worked with one of our agents and we delivered the results.  You know how we work, how fast we can process a loan and how we can resolve issues that we face during the loan process.  Share it with other business owners and earn money and rewards with the Lendinero Referral Program.  

How it works?

  • Fill out a simple form online or fill out the PDF form

  • Start earning rewards and cash

  • Very simple

Lendinero para negocios hispanos

How much can I earn from the Lendinero Referral Program?

For every referral you will earn an amazon Gift Certificate.  

For every referral that obtains a business loan you will earn between $100 to $1,000 USD. 

If you refer more than 10 business owners and 2 obtain funding, you will receive Air Fare cash credit.

Refer Online
Fast & Simple 

Refer PDF Form
Send via email or fax

Obtain all the details, download, Lendinero Referral Program details.

In English & Spanish

Get all the details.  How much we pay via our referral program.  Gift incentives to incluse Amazon Gift Cards, American Airlines airplane tickets, Spirit Airline Membership benefits, Cash Rewards and more.  

Who can I refer to the Lendinero Referral Program?

Without a doubt, sometimes we just do not know who to refer.  We have put together a one page document that will help you determine who you can refer.  Also, what is an ideal client. We want to make this simple and fun for you.  In this one page document we make it easy.  Download to start. 

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