Structure and organization are key to success as an entrepreneur. I know because without my lists I could never get anything done at home, work or play.  In fact, I have utilized these entrepreneur strategies for years. For those entrepreneurs needing a little help in the organization department, here are three lists you should be making:

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To-do list

You have to have one. Successful entrepreneurs structure with daily tasks but you may find that a weekly list works better. Another option is to organize your to-do list by project or client.

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It’s easiest to plan ahead and make sure not to include too much on the list at once. Try to really be aware of what is feasible given the time frame and resources you have available. Make my to-do lists for the next day before you leave the office at night or in the morning. Run through everything that is coming up and what has to be handled the next day.  This keeps you on track.

Outsource or Delegation list

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Control is a difficult thing to give up — especially when we’re talking about your business. You’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it’s successful. So why not give the to-do list to someone else?

Outsourcing or delegation will provide you the freedom to focus on the tasks you’re really good at — and hopefully increase your chances of making more money. So, make a list of all the mundane tasks that are necessary but that you don’t need to physically doing yourself. Responsibilities like making appointments, booking travel, uploading your blog posts and maintaining your social-media platforms can easily be outsourced. Investing in the help of interns or virtual assistants will be worth the trouble, as the time you will save is staggering. is a valuable on-line marketplace to find interns. If you can work with bilingual foreigners, overseas talent can be quite inexpensive. Make sure to also make a list of all the projects you want to work on once you have some extra help to get more work done. In conclusion, these entrepreneur strategies are so simple and they will make a huge change.