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3 Tech Tools Your Business Needs

3 Tech Tools Your Business Needs

1. A Different Browser than Internet Explorer

This writer totally gets that there are certain apps, data, and services that demand the use of Internet Explorer. You need not remove Internet Explorer, or even delete its shortcut. Just make some room for a browser that can do more. What more, exactly? With extensions that work on any modern browser, you can edit images quickly with sharp results, track your internet time (be warned: it might not be pretty), schedule and send email back to yourself, and write better messages and memos.

2. Smarter Expense Tracking Tools

Most firms provide only the last step of expense reimbursement: the form you fill out with the expenses. What about the really early stages, where you are begging your brain to remember a cab ride after a long post-conference dinner? Two apps come to mind, both ‘mostly’ free. Expensify can track what you’re buying and spending in any number of convenient ways, including automatic credit card/bank import. It’s available on a personal level or as a business-wide service. Evernote is a much more wide-angle track-everything tool, but works fine for expenses if you keep up with it: photo-snapping, tagging, and entering in expenses as they roll in.

3. A Phone / Tablet Charger for Any Situation

It feels good to be prepared for an unexpected battery shortage on your phone or tablet. It feels better to be able to lend a hand to a peer or boss in a similar tight spot. It feels best when you don’t need to lug around a bulky battery backup to achieve that kind of Lithium-ion-MacGyver status. What you need are the right cables, and a device that can charge as well as plug you into an outlet when it comes available. I really like the Bolt charger and its 3-in-1 cable for this, but so do a lot of people, so it’s often sold out. There are other joint wall/recharge packs out there, like the Mophie Juice Pack, or Tylt’s Energi packs, or a tiny $20 Ankher charger. In either case, you’ll want to have the right cables on hand. You could just get what your phone needs, but having micro-USB (Android and lots of other devices), Lightning (newer iPhones and iPads), and 30-pin (older Apple gear) cables on-hand would make you a savant. Content Credit: workintellegently

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