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Step 1: Be clear on who you are. 

Invest in yourself to obtain the self-discovery support that you need to be able to fully live out what you do best. Continue to ask yourself what unique values do you bring to the work, how does your personal story relate to the clients that you want to help and how can you move closer to your true calling.

Step 2: Keep your voice clear and pure. 

One of the first thing that new coaches do when trying to absorb as much as possible about the coaching field is to subscribe to everyone’s email list and see what is happening ‘out there’ — this can be a mistake if not approached carefully.

Step 3: Establish yourself as a credible expert.

Allow your message to spread organically by leveraging reputable entities with a large following. As a new coach, guest blogging for large sites and being featured on popular podcasts can truly help you to compress your timeline for success. I have personally used this strategy to take my twitter following from zero to 800 with only three guest blog posts, submitted to Entrepreneur Magazine.

To get seen fast use this strategy:

  • Google ‘write for us’ and put in the topic that you desire to write about and see what comes up. For example: ‘write for us lose 10 pounds’ or ‘write for us life coaching.’
  • More than likely you will find hundreds of sites with instructions on how to submit a guest post. 
  • Once you are published, share the link with your community to establish authority and demonstrate leadership.


Step 4: Align your branding.

Your branding is an extension of your voice — so as you review your website, your welcome packages and your social media pages, ask yourself if they truly represent the voice that you are putting out into the space. A brand has a certain feel, so one way to find yours is to make a list of the brands that inspire you.

Step 5: Foster transformation in every encounter.

Have you ever gotten on the phone with someone and you notice that they are reading from a script instead of truly focusing on you and the results you hope to achieve from their work. It doesn’t feel good. When you ensure that every person who interacts with you experiences something that they cannot get from anywhere else — your clients and potential clients will begin talking about you!

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By: Safiyah Satterwhite


Twitter: @Entrepreneur