Imported goods continue to increase to the United States.  Today, one of the top goods is apparel.  The apparel industry on a global basis is composed of hundreds of manufacturers.

Apparel imports can be as cheap as a $5 headband to a $700 a man’s coat. Apparel is in the top of the list for imported goods into the U.S. A lot of apparel wear comes from China and from Latin America.  However, China supplies a lot of the textiles to Latin America.  The apparel industry can have high profit margins if you are buying the right apparel.  Other ways to buy is to buy in big discounts.  You need to be careful when you are buying from overseas.   You may place an order and place a 50% deposit and your merchandise may never arrive.   Also, you need to check the quality of the merchandise.  You are better getting on a plane and visiting the manufacturing plants if you are making a large investment to import.

With this in mind, importing goods into the United States requires sufficient working capital.  Bear in mind, that there is sale cycle.  Furthermore, when you don’t can’t calculate that sales cycle properly, you may experience a cash flow crunch.

Despite of the horror stories, apparel is in the top 5 list of imported goods into the U.S.