By: Rand Internet Marketing  and Lendinero 
Special Content

With the wave of the smart phone revolution, Mobile SEO has become a popular topic. Gone are the days when we had to sit at a desktop computer in order to connect to the web.  Today, most people rely on their mobile devices to fulfill their search and browsing needs. As a matter of fact, this makes it only fitting for businesses to place great effort on servicing these consumers. With this in mind,  you will receive the most visibility to gain new business.

The general breakdown of mobile SEO is relatively simple. Once your website is “optimized for mobile,” (meaning it’s designed in a way that makes it easily viewable and easy to navigate on mobile devices. In reality this is known as a responsive web design. Furthermore, this enables your company to receive a small ranking boost in the search engines. In comparison to over sites that are not mobile friendly when it comes to mobile searches.

At Lendinero, marketing experts have explained that having a website that is can be viewed in mobile devices is important for small businesses.  In fact, most shopping decisions are being made via mobile devices.  In summary, businesses that understand the importance of the web and mobile devices will have the winning edge.