How to become a business financing expert? Very simple. The United States is known for having specialist. Think of attorneys and doctors. There are general doctors and there are neurologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, etc. Attorneys, work the same way. There are bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, criminal lawyers and more. Our industry is starting to become very unprofessional because every business funding advisor is the jack of all traits and master of none. To become an expert in business financing you need to specialize in two to three industries maximum and know everything about those industries. Let’s assume you decide to work with electronic distributors. You need to know how they purchase, their margins, their peak season, their slow season, and new electronic products coming in the markets. You need to know their capital needs and when they need to stack up with inventory. This way when you talk to electronic distributors you understand their industry and their needs and it will be much easier to offer them business financing.