Many business owners are giving up on business finance.   Many business owners seek a bank loan and they are denied. Thereafter, they seek alternative financing and they are denied or they are approved for a very high rate. If you are denied for a bank loan or alternative financing it is for a reason or numerous reasons. As a business owner you need to assess those reasons and tackle the issue or issues as oppose to giving up. I can’t begin to tell you how many business owners could qualify for a bank loan or obtain a better rate with alternative financing if they just took some simple steps. However, many business owners give up to soon. As a business owner you need to know why you are getting denied and set milestones to correct the issue. If you need to improve your cash flow you may need to cut back on some expenses or change your lifestyle to enhance business cash flow. The majority of the time why businesses are getting denied is due to poor management of cash flow. The first area that you need to address is your cash flow.   Personal credit is another reason. There are very few companies out there that can fix credit. You need to assess what you can do to improve your credit. Don’t give up on business finance when you are deny, instead fight back.