Many business owners are not accustomed to daily ACH payments in the world of alternative business financing.   A daily ACH payment can actually be helpful for your business. Let’s assume you have a monthly payment of $30 per month.   If you took that payment and broke it down daily you would only pay $1 per day.   It’s easier to pay $1 per day than $30 per month. When there are larger payments that you need to make, you will feel a great impact. Let’s assume you had to pay $30,000 per month for a loan per month or you had the option to pay $1,000 per day, which one is lower? At the same time, it is harder to pay a larger bill due at the end of the month. Daily payments can put less pressure on your cash flow if your business generates cash flow. Business financing that involves daily ACH payments are only provided to businesses that have good cash flow.