As the CEO of Lendinero, I made a life changing decision one day to help our company improve our cash flow management. I decided to implement an office overseas in Central America. The decision was not easy at first and many of my colleagues were not in favor of the decision. I made a decision based on numbers.   These are some basic calculations that I ran. The cost of sales agent in the United States ran me about $1000 per month plus 40% commissions. The cost of sales agent in Central America ran me $300 per month plus 10% commission. In this area alone, I was able to reduce my fixed cost of sales by 70% and another 30% on commissions. In addition, the fixed salaries in the U.S. were at the bottom of the salary range while in Central America the fixed salaries I offer are the top of the salary range. This means that I can recruit people who have an incentive to work because I am competitive in my salary offering overseas. There are other areas that I reduced cost by implementing an office overseas. These are some strategies you can implement in our own company to improve your cash flow management.