As part of our monthly content theme, “Hispanics in Business: Remarkable Entrepreneurs,” we’re covering stories of remarkable Hispanic entrepreneurs. This is the story of Rafael Tavares and how he built his tire business focused on hard work and a 2nd opportunity.

The tire industry is saturated. Mr. Tavares started his career as an entrepreneur in his native country, The Dominican Republic. He has a salt manufacturing company and when inflation and the price of the dollar sky rocketed in the Dominican Republic Mr. Tavares had to close down his business in the Dominican Republic. However, that did not stop the entrepreneur in launching a new business.

He decided to relocate to South Florida and with the support of other business contacts and family he launched Tires World Corporation. The story behind it speaks to the power of how family and friends can support your business venture. As many business owners, Mr. Tavares bootstrapped his operation with minimal working capital. He began visiting local tire distributors one by one and built a network of tire shops that would order tires from him on a regular basis. As you know, that doesn’t usually happen overnight. Fortunately, our featured entrepreneur appears to have managed this process like a pro, and suggests that having a clear belief for the business is critical to success.

After building his network of local buyers, Mr. Tavares took his business to the next level. He began expanding his network outside of South Florida. Thereafter, he took on more warehouse space to build an inventory that would later be exported.   Today, he exports tires to the Dominican Republic, Central American and other countries.

This story clearly reveals that what can be done once can be done twice. In addition, it clearly reveals how entrepreneurs can find opportunities anywhere in the world.   Mr. Tavares, was successful in the Dominican Republic, later became successful in the U.S. and now worldwide.   Visit: