As part of our monthly content theme, “Hispanics in Business: Remarkable Entrepreneurs,” we’re covering stories of remarkable Hispanic entrepreneurs. This is the story of Otto Cedeno and how this entrepreneur had a passion for his dream.

In a recent article published in Forbes magazine, Otto states: I had been planning Otto’s Tacos in the back of my head for years. A few ideas here, a few ideas there, but never acted on anything. Then one day I just said, “why the hell not.” When it came time to actually do it, I wanted to have a completely clean plate…pun intended. I needed to focus 100% of my time on building and designing the brand and raising our startup capital. So I quit my job. I spent the next year immersing myself in the hospitality industry and looking for investors. I worked a few freelance gigs to make ends meet, but for the most part, took up residence on my parents’ and friends’ couches to survive the early days.

Otto’s Taco’s has been a great success in New York. The business has been featured in several publications including Forbes Magazine, Ask Men, the New York Post and other publications. In addition, it has over 300 reviews on Yelp and mostly receives 5 stars.   The prices are reasonable for New York City and has a variety of Taco’s. Where can you find a Taco for $3.25 cents? At Otto’s Tacos that’s what you will pay.

Otto’s efforts have truly paid off that today it’s on its way in opening up his 3rd Taqueria in New York City.   Current locations include the East Village on 141 2nd Ave and the West Village 131 7th Ave. S.

Otto is a NYU graduate who worked for and decided to follow his passion. Those entrepreneurs who have left Corporate America to begin their business know that this is not an easy decision. Otto’s not only represent successful Hispanic business owners but a new breed of entrepreneurs under the age of 30. At the age of 27 he took the steps to discard the possibilities of scaling up the corporate ladder and scale up his business.

  “I had the chance to visit Otto’s Taco on my last trip to New York. The service was great and the food was amazing. When I arrived the staff members did not know that Otto was my cousin. I pretended to be a regular client to see what type of service I would receive. They treated me with the utmost respect and the staff were very friendly. After placing my order, I indicated to the cashier that Otto was my cousin.   I’m very proud and honored to have family members that such as Otto who have a clear vision, mission, the ambition, and drive not only to be an entrepreneur but to make a change in people’s lives. I believe that Otto’s Tacos can be as big a Taco Bell one day when it becomes a franchise. Otto is young enough to reach the skies.” States Gil Zapata, CEO of Lendinero