Are there sufficient programs that help obtain financing for Hispanic businesses in the marketplace? Financing in general for small and medium size businesses in the U.S. has become very difficult to obtain.  The Latino business community does not have access to capital as easy as they should. There over 20 million small businesses in the United States and approximately 4 million are owned by Hispanics.  This means that about 20% of all businesses in the United States are Hispanic owned businesses. Banks continue to have stringent requirements.  In addition, most Hispanic owned businesses generate anywhere from $20,000 to $400,000 per month.  There are certain Hispanic Businesses such as Mastec and others that have generated millions of dollars.  Most of these businesses are not bank loan material.  Most banks don’t like to provide loans from $20,000 to $100,000.  This is what these businesses need. The U.S. small business administration is a great resource but does not issue loans.  There are alternatives to obtaining financing.  Factoring, equipment financing, cash flow loans, and other sophisticated financing products are out there.  However, Hispanic business owners are not educated on how these products work because they are highly sophisticated.  In addition, niche lenders provide alternative financing and they don’t have the marketing dollars to narrow in on the Hispanic market.  Targeting to the Hispanic owned businesses can become very expensive to lenders.   Financing for Hispanic businesses can be increased in the news mediums would report on alternative solutions.