Selling your food products to Walmart, Costco and larger retailers requires more than just good products. Many of the major retailers have the following:

  • Category Reviews Large retailers may have 2 to 4 category reviews per year. This is when food distributors have the chance to present their products and the retailers select products for the year or upcoming seasons. Some retailers may make exceptions and review your products outside of their category review dates.
  • Systems and Processes Many retailers will have information about their systems and processes usually on their web site or a PDF document. They will provide information on logistic requirements, orders, labelling, scan packaging, barcoding, insurance requirements, etc.
  • Warehousing and Logistics Many large retailers do not want to risk product delivery. Some of them may have requirements on warehouse storage and logistics. Some may require that you utilize their transportation systems to move your products into their stores or warehouses.

There are more details you will need to know in order to sell to Walmart, Costco or some of the large retailers.  You need to be prepared to meet up to their standards and requirements.