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Increase Your Cahs Flow by Bundling products and services.

Increase Your Cahs Flow by Bundling products and services.

GilBy creating bundles of products or services, for instance, businesses can inject tremendous amounts of perceived — and tangible — value into their offerings for very little cost.

A good example is the maintenance agreements some car manufacturers are now providing with the purchase of a new car. Not only does that type of offer help allay a major concern or frustration customers have — paying for a breakdown or time lost at the dealership — it also offers real value in terms of limiting out-of-pocket maintenance costs.  Example: Hair salons may include a hair wash and products as part of an overall service.  Restaurants may include a full meal special as oppose to selling just one product.

Put more simply, you can increase your price point initially since you’ve helped lower a perceived risk by offering something as basic as a guarantee.Also, there is funding to existing businesseswho need capital to add additional services or products.

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