This is the time to invest in your business.  Investing in your business is very important for your growth.  Lower fuel costs can translate into lower costs of goods, fuel savings, and other positive financial consequences. As a business owner you may begin to see the impact of lower fuel costs and this may allow you to have more cash.   What do you do with that cash?   Many business owners are investing those savings back into their businesses. This is the time when you can take that extra money to increase employees, marketing, and expand.   One of the areas that you may want to invest in, is marketing. Why? As a business owner you have some extra cash and so do consumers and there is no better time than to be investing in your business than now. Traditionally, the U.S. is a consumer driven society where everyone is a big spender. Most consumers don’t know how to manage cash and if they have extra cash they are likely to spend it. Why not put some of those extra dollars into marketing?   At the same time, if you can get some cheap financing and match it with your money you may be able to increase earnings drastically. Last but not least investing in your business will require one of the three financing mechanisms: increase sales, an investor, or a loan.