Business consultants are one of the most respected professions and trusted advisors to businesses.  As a business consultant you have a lot of power over your clients.  Businesses turn to you because they trust your advice.  While most business consultants charge fees, there are ways to earn additional income streams.  If you have a book of clients consisting of over 100 businesses owners you can sell other products and services.  However, the question is what do businesses need most ?  1) accounting services 2) insurance 3) more clients 4) cash flow management solutions and 5) financing.  Financing is one of the highest paying solutions within these categories.  A loan for $50,000 can pay a commission ranging from 3% to 5% which means that you can earn $1500 to $2500 for each loan.  Adding loans to your portfolio of services can increase your earnings and help out businesses that need business funding.