photo2Podcasting isn’t exactly cutting edge. So why the rise in popularity?

Because the old model of creating news for the masses isn’t working anymore. New media channels such as Internet radio are competing against traditional media companies for advertising revenue and audiences. Also many Internet shows give listeners information on topics that they might not find anywhere else, like how to create a self-sufficient homestead.

Videos require your attention in front of a screen. But you can listen to Internet radio while walking the dog, working out or driving.

If you’re podcasting, you’re probably already communicating with your target audience on a variety of other sites. That’s the best place to start. Here are some ideas on how to promote your new show.

1. Submit it to iTunes. Go to the itunes podcast directory and then opt to listen to your show.

If you’re just starting a podcast, create several episodes, tags, and images. Before submitting your podcast to itunes validate it at:

2. Put a link on other social media profiles.

LinkedIn lets you insert media links in your profile: The summary and project sections are ideal for featuring a podcast. On Facebook, link to your podcast and include show notes in a status update or a note. Don’t forget to share the podcast with your Facebook groups.

3. Interview a celebrity about a new book.

Authors look under every rock for ways to promote their new books. Ask for a celebrity or influencer for an interview and the person might opt to use your podcast interview promote the book. Many of these big names have huge followings and share every video, podcast, article and blog post that features them, especially during book launches.

4. Trade promotion favors with other podcasters.

Find a podcaster who targets an audience similar to yours. Agree to promote each other’s shows. You can even interview each other.

5. Market a top 10 list of the best podcasts.

Let’s say your show features interviews with entrepreneurs or accountants. Compile a list of the top 10 podcasts featuring entrepreneurs or accountants and include your show. Pitch it to bloggers who write about startups and to the other podcasters on your list.