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PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness is confusing, let us help.

The PPP loan forgiveness process is likely to be time consuming and complicated, more so than the PPP application process itself. Calculations are complex and supporting documentation needs to be thorough and succinctly compiled. The Lendinero Business Consulting team has customized services to fit your needs. Our full-service approach means you send us all the necessary information and we take care of the rest. 

PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness Services

Our business financial specialist will evaluate your options and determine what forms to fill out based on the loan amount you received and the type of business organization you have.  Furthermore, the types of forms we will assist you with include the: 3508S, 3508EZ or the 3508.  First, we need to evaluate your organizational structure to determine which form is most appropriate for your needs.  Second, we take into account the loan amount. Third, we need to evaluate your business expenses and the use of funds.   Last, aside from evaluating your personal situation we will provide the following services:

  • Receive and input payroll expense/ allowable expense data into our loan forgiveness calculator.

  • Documentation organization, review, and preparation. Prepare forgiveness calculation analysis.

  • Review spending during covered periods and spending.

  • Review payroll ledgers, payroll expenses, 941s, mortgage interest and other expenses

  • Organize expenses as needed into one or separate financial worksheets for submissions.

  • Last but not least, Complete lender’s forgiveness application request and route to you for electronic signature.

Above all, our job is to help you.  Undoubtedly, this may seem overwhelming.  For this reason, we have been assisting businesses with financial analysis and business financing since 2015.  To sum up, let our financial specialist help you. 

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