Do you have products that you have presented to potential buyers and you cannot fulfill those orders? There are only certain reasons why most food distributors or manufacturers cannot fill purchase orders.

Reason 1:  Cash To increase your product inventory you need cash.  If this is your case there are certain ways to resolve this.

  • Seek financing
  • Sell more
  • Find someone or a company that may purchase the value of the potential invoicing

Reason 2: Capacity Output You may not have the personnel or the machinery to increase the output to complete those purchase orders.  Solutions:

  • Equipment financing to purchase equipment
  • Sub-contract another manufacturing company
  • Hire temporary personnel

There are all types of buyers out there.  Large retail stores can be very expensive.  Some of the large retailers may charge you shelf space, may pay your invoices 1 month to 3 months out, or you may have additional marketing costs.   In any given case there are ways to resolve the purchase orders you have pending to fill food shelves.