download (2)1. Small business grants are far and few between. If you even qualify for one, it would have to be in a redevelopment area.

Even then, you would have to be a business that is under certain conditions financially. Most times, when business grants are farmed out they get whittled down to the state, county and city levels. Once they have been, they usually turn into business loans or SBA loans. SBA has their list of approved lenders and you can get that list from your local office.

2. Contact your local SBA and they can help you find an approved lenders that will be able to help you figure out the right SBA loans or program for your type of business. Also, be sure you are a franchisee not a licensee like 7-eleven does. You are afforded a lot more as an actual franchisee rather than a licensee.

It’s not that small business grants do not exist, it’s that they are extremely hard to find, and you’re better off working with the SBA and letting them help you find the right program for you. The SBA is available and will try to help as best they can. Once you do find your lender, make sure you follow the blue print from your franchisor–they didn’t get successful by throwing a bunch of ideas at the wall to see what sticks. Their business plan is meant for you to succeed in obtaining a grant or a SBA loans.