Everyone wants to sell their food products to retailers.  There are two strategies in achieving this goal.  The first option is to go after the big retailers.  The second option is to go after the small retailers. Option 1: Large Retailers If you are seeking to sell to large retailers you need to focus on quality, quantity, and pricing. If you are lucky enough to sell to large retailers you need to be ready to produce in max quantities.   You need to have your machines or your distribution channels ready to go.  In addition, you need to have good quality and quality control measurements.   Also, you need to have a good compelling story as to why your product will sell.  Food products are competitive in nature and it is a highly commoditized business.  Everyone sells produce and all types of products.  Your product will need to be better in quality or price.   Option 2: Small Retailers Small retailers are easier to sell to and may allow you to scale much faster.  Also, selling to smaller retailers will help you achieve the following in the long run:

  • Build credibility
  • Build a brand
  • Build a portfolio
  • Build value for your company
  • Diversify your income stream
  • Increase value for your company
  • Increase the chances of selling to larger retailers
  • Increase the chances of obtaining financing because you have multiple deposit sources

There are great benefits in selling to small retailers.  This will allow you to sell to larger retailers. One of the biggest benefits in terms of money is that you are building something you can sell.  If you have 100 buyers; your company can sell for a lot of money.   If you have a track history of selling to 100 small retailers you can use the future value of what that potential income may be 3 years out, 5 years out, and even 10 years out.  That may be worth a lot of money if you want to sell your company in the future or find investors for your food business.

What Counts In the End In the end whether you are selling to large or small retailers your product needs to make the retailer money.  If your product sits on their shelves and does not make the retailer money you will not be in business for a very long time. These are some simple strategies you can implement to sell your food products to retailers.