If you have a storefront or retail store your sales usually increase during the holiday season.  What to do you after the holidays?  I’m going to share a story on how we sold $300,000 of retail products after the holidays.  These simple strategies can help online retailers and storefronts. 

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A Simple Strategy 

Two friends and I use to sell clothes, shoes, and accessories at a local mall.  Back in 1990, Facebook, text messaging, and the internet was not used as much as it is today.  Every time we made a sell we wrote on 4×4 cards the name of the customer, their phone number, and very detailed information on what they bought.  Every time, we had a sale, discounted products, or new merchandise we would call up our customers.  Rather than being reactive, we established a proactive approach to bringing customers back to the store.  During the holiday season we would get more customers and accumulate more data. 


Today, its easier than ever because there is software you can use to store customer’s information such as their birth day and other information you can use to bring them back to your online store or storefront.  Using these simple strategies can help you have sales throughout the whole year.  This holiday season, store all the data you get from every product you sell and your customers.  Stay in touch with your customers and you will see your sale increase, the following year.