Spa’s and beauty salons in Florida can increase sales during high tourism season.  Most people who visit Florida want to go to the beach and they also want to look good.  If you own a spa or beauty salon you need to consider how to get to tourist.  Aside from going to the beach, tourist are looking for ways to relax.  A spa is an ideal service for tourist to relax.  Also, men and women want to look good.  Most tourist take pictures with their family.  You have another type of tourist that enjoys the night scene in South Beach or Orlando.  These people, especially women want to look their best when dancing and going out.   Only you know your business best and you know which market niche is best for you.  If you have families you need to start targeting that market niche in different states or in other countries.  If your market niche is the person who likes to have a good time you have many options to market to this niche by pairing up with other companies such as night clubs, tour operators, bars, and clothing stores.  Have fun this season and make money from the tourist.