What does tax season, social media and a small business loan have in common?  During tax season you have an increasing number of people with extra cash resulting from tax refunds.  A lot of these people are internet users and social media addicts.  Why?  The bulk of the workforce are people from the ages of 25 to 55.  This makes up a large amount of users on the internet.  In addition, teenagers are even bigger users of social media.   The teenagers of people who get tax refunds are on the internet socializing every day.  Depending on the products and services that you sell you can tap this market.  What’s the catch?  It sounds easier said than done.  You need money to do this.  To capture the tax refund crowd, the teenagers and to capture them on social media you will need marketing dollars and experts.  A small business loan can provide the funding that you need to launch a strong social media marketing campaign and to capture the tax refund crowd and the teenagers.