New York June 17, 2016 | By:


It’s not news that commercial finance brokers are hurting and some are even calling it quits. The industry that didn’t ask for more than a phone and a sharp sales acumen from anyone wanting to start an ISO shop is now stifled with competition. The low barriers to entry that welcomed new companies is causing a seismic shift in the way brokers do business. While some are ready to leave, most are still grappling with the changing times.

What’s different about the business now? Almost everything, some say. Gil Zapata who runs a four year old ISO shop, Lendinero, says clients were desperate for money when he started. However he doesn’t think of the competition as fierce but just messy. “There are brokers and ISOs entering and clogging up the system,” he said, “They are obviously fly-by-night and get pulled into it thinking the industry is a fast money maker but it’s really not.” Read More